About Us
Arise Birth offers complete doula and midwifery services as of 2019.  

Some background information on Rachel Schwepler, CPM Arise Birth: 
- Doula (DONA), Midwife (CPM; Certified Professional Midwife, NARM)
- 10 years of  experience, served just over 300 women and their families
- ACBE (Certified Childbirth Educator)
- ph: 816.489.8990, email: [email protected]

Techniques learned over years of experience to serve you with excellence. We want your dreams to come true, so we will partner with you to help in whatever ways we can for a successful, rewarding birth experience. All doulas and Midwives with Arise Birth know the incredible value in everyone they serve. You are important to us and we want the very best for you. 
Meet Our Team
 Arise Birth has high standards and a heart to give, serve, and love well.